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as odd as the thought is, presidential elections in the US have an impact on the rest of the globe.
just when you think fashion cannot possibly get any worse and that photoshopping the living shit out of models until not even cindy crawford looks like cindy crawford anymore -- along come young and artsy shoe designers who think they are the cutting edge but only land a nomination as sad sexist of the year. may i introduce kobi levi?!? -- and just so that you're warned: we are talking shoes that are not only NSFW, they are so offensive that if you saw your daughter wearing them,
you'd be sick to your stomach!

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deviantART: sad bastard of the year!

a few years back on QI, stephen fry quipped, 'sometimes there's just not enough vomit in the world.'

i have just spent some four hours on the phone with friends and we were mutually at our whits' end and we three kept repeating the same phrases over and over again. 'i am lost for words! i can't form a coherent thought!'

a quick search query on deviantART with the words 'cute nazi' returned a staggering number of 1,365 hits. that is discounting an unchecked number of nazis and fascists on there promoting their 'art' and helping deviantART fill their own pockets by passively lending a platform to these people. they seem to fall into two categories: dumb girls between the age of 14 and 18 who truly think that mengele was as cute as a button and göbbels just your average kind of misunderstood adorable sweetums of a guy. and then there are the hardcore, die-hard, true neo-nazis who wank to american history x and send their love to deary adolf. yeah, the last time i visited a concentration camp i smiled with glee. especially when i remembered that spread in country&style and suddenly realised that good german oak makes for a hell of a good barrack for outings over the weekend.

most of all i am disappointed and disgusted by the owners of deviantART, though, for supporting antisemitism on the web by lending these people webspace for free!!! i had once thought of opening an account there. not so much now. i won't stoop so low and associate with such people who piss on the millions of graves filled on account of nazis cheerully wanking over human suffering in the most painful, most dreadful way unimaginable.

deviantART, you truly have revealed yourselves as the sad bastards of this passing year!